Board Members

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated and passionate community members who work hard to expand MOWLR’s influence in and around the community. Many of our board members also volunteer as drivers/deliverers. If you are interested in joining our board, please contact our Program Director, Kathy Keuski at or call (302) 645-7449.

(l-r) Pictured above are MOWLR’s Corporate Secretary Ann Bailey, Board President John Wolfle, Board Vice President David Humes, Volunteer coordinator/outreach worker Katie Leister, SoDel Concepts President Scott Kammerer, and SoDel Concepts Board President Lindsey Barry.
(As of January 1, 2019)


John Wolfle

Vice President

David Humes


Harry Papaleo

Corporate Secretary

Ann Bailey

Recording Secretary

Nancy Fifer

Members at Large

Bob Derrickson

Susan Garson

Carol M. Holzman

Margaret Iorii

Jay McManus

Charles Mowll

Lana O’Halloran

Clayton Serman

Sandi Walker

Roberta J. Wuttke

Bob Yesbek

Advisory Members (Non-Voting Members)

Trish Vernon

Kathleen Keuski (Program Director of MOWLR)

MOWLR Program Director of 27 years, Kathy Keuski
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