Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Friday, April 17: Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth continues to deliver life-sustaining meals to home-bound seniors, despite a worldwide pandemic.

Our volunteers are wearing gloves and masks and practicing social distancing. They are hanging meals on doorknobs or placing them on stoops, knocking and waiting to be sure the client gets their meal. If the client is unable to get to the door, the volunteer goes inside and places the meal on the closest surface and leaves without venturing any further into the home.

In addition to their regular meals, all clients are receiving a bag of shelf-stable food in case we are forced to shut down due to the pandemic. We do not anticipate that happening.

Thanks to our partnership with Fins Hospitality Group, some of our neediest clients already receive a few extras each month. Items include things like tuna fish, mayonnaise, paper towels and other things they wouldn’t normally get from Meals on Wheels. What we give these people is all they have, which is why our services are so important.

When COVID-19 first broke out, we started seeing an uptick in clients. We have since taken on about 15 new home-bound seniors who need food delivered to them to survive. That’s the equivalent of a whole new route to be driven each day.

Here’s how you can help!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. Our drivers are currently delivering meals to up to 20 or more clients per route. If you can spare a few hours a week to help, please fill out the volunteer application found here as soon as possible. Background checks take a day or two, so it may be a few days before we contact you.

WE NEED DONATIONS. Many people are out of work due to the coronavirus crisis and therefore less able to give. If you are in a position to donate, please consider doing so. Your money will go toward feeding 200-250 local home-bound seniors. You can donate here.

If you’ve already stepped up to volunteer or donate, we simply cannot thank you enough. We are so proud of the way the Lewes-Rehoboth community has responded to the pandemic – by reaching out to help their neighbors.


Wednesday, March 25: Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth remains in operation as an essential business under the governor’s state of emergency order.

“So far, we are still delivering hot meals everyday,” said Executive Director Kathy Keuski.

Drivers are following new safety protocols. All meals are being delivered under the six-foot protocol, meaning contact between volunteers and clients are never at a distance of less than six feet. Meals are placed in a plastic bag and hung on doors. Clients are then alerted by a knock at the door. Other arrangements are made for those who cannot get to the door.

“We can’t thank the community enough for the influx of volunteers,” Keuski said. “Some of our elderly drivers had to stop, so they are really a godsend.”

In the coming days, clients will be provided with 10 days worth of dry, shelf-stable meals in case, for some reason, we are unable to get to them in the future. We do not anticipate that will happen but are preparing for any and all scenarios.

In addition, Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth has postponed two fundraising events – Wheels for Meals, set for May 9, and Top Chef of the Culinary Coast, set for May 28. Both will be rescheduled for a date in the fall.

Please consider donating during this critical time.


Tuesday, March 17: Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth is taking extra precautions in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Our clients’ health is our number one priority.

As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, all meals will be delivered under the six-foot protocol, meaning contact between volunteers and clients will never been at a distance of less than six feet. All meals will be placed in a plastic bag and hung on doors. Clients will be alerted when meals arrive. Other arrangements will be made for those who cannot get to the door.

In addition, over the next week, we will be delivering two boxes of shelf-stable meals to each client. This provides them with ten meals each in case of the absolute worst case scenario, in which we must shut down operations. In the future, we also have the option of delivering frozen meals on a more limited schedule.


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