About Our Meals and Fish On!

About Our Meals and Our Caterer

Together in partnership with Fish On! we serve our clients a delicious, heart healthy diet. In every 4-week period, they are provided with a different variety of pork, chicken, beef, fish, pasta, and vegetables to meet their dietary and nutritional needs. We serve one hot lunch every day.

In addition to a daily hot meal, the following items are also delivered:

  • Monday: Quart of Orange Juice
  • Tuesday: 1/2 Gallon of Skim or Lactose-Free Milk
  • Wednesday: One Loaf of 100% Whole Wheat Bread (every other week)
  • Thursday: Smart Balance Margarine
  • Friday: 2 frozen meals (if weekend meals are wanted/needed)

Our meals have been catered by Fish On! since October of 2014 when the late Matt Haley stepped in to offer assistance. His generosity lives on in the form of an arrangement that he made with MOWLR and his organization, by providing the creation, cooking, and packaging of the daily meals in the huge commercial kitchen located at Fish On!.

Fish On! is located at:

17300 N. Village Main Blvd.

Lewes, DE 19958

Fish On! Seafood Bar and Grill is open to the public for dinner, at 5 pm. More information on the restaurant and their own menu can be found by going to their website by clicking here.

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