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We currently have twelve delivery routes. Each route requires at least one volunteer driver. We recommend that each driver team up with a “buddy” to help them with the meal deliveries.

Four routes are located in Lewes, four in Rehoboth and four on outlying “country” roads in the Lewes, Rehoboth, Milton and Harbeson area.

Each route varies in the amount of meals that are delivered and the amount of time it takes to run. Routes can have anywhere from 10 to 20 stops with at least one meal delivery for each. Meals stops and meal counts may very due to the number of people whom receive a meal at each stop.

We serve 2 meals a day:
1 hot lunch, and 1 bag meal.
In addition to those 2 daily delivery meals, the following items are also delivered:

  • Monday: Quart of Orange Juice
  • Tuesday: % Gallon of 2% Milk
  • Wednesday: One Loaf of 100% Whole Wheat Bread
  • Thursday: Sanka and Smart Balance Margarine
  • Friday: 2 frozen meals and 2 bag meals

Fish On! Restaurant at the Villages at Five Points in Lewes cater our meals.

Each driver will be provided with one cooler bag and one gel pack for transportation of meals.

If you are delivering meals on Mondays or Tuesday you may want another cooler for orange juice or milk transportation. If you are in need of a cooler, contact the Meals on Wheels office and we will provide one for you to use. Cooler bags and gel packs are used to maintain correct temperatures of food and we ask that you keep your cooler very clean. Please take the time to wipe out your cooler after you are finished with your deliveries for the day. Please remember you are transporting food!

Drivers are asked to pick up their meals at the caterer between 9:30 and 10:00am at Fish On! The entrance for pickup is in the rear of the building. The door is clearly marked Meals on Wheels.

A route sheet which contains clients’ names, addresses, prescribed diets and explicit directions is provided. Some clients will have special instructions regarding their meals and it is extremely important that you adhere to all of them.

It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that you have the correct diet for each client prior to leaving Fish On! If you find that you are missing a delivery item after you are out on the road, please contact the Meals on Wheels office (302-645-7449) for further instruction.

All drivers and buddies must keep all client information in strict confidence. All partners, buddies, or ride-a-longs must be registered with agency and have a confidentiality policy form signed and turned in before they can participate in meal deliveries.

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