Who We Are…
MOWLR Outreach Worker of 21 years and Air Force Veteran Jim McDaniel

Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was first organized in 1970 and funded by the Delaware Division of Aging in 1973. In its first year, this program delivered 16,609 meals to our areas homebound. By the end of the 1970’s, more than 20,000 meals per year were being distributed. As client needs grew, the program expanded to include a holistic approach to providing services.

Our program grows at a rate of 3 – 6% per year in overall service, due to the advancing age of retirees and their increased susceptibility to life-threatening illnesses. In addition, we anticipate the same increase in the under 60 growth rate, due to the ever-growing numbers of disabled persons under the age of 60.

Currently, MOWLR has over 110 dedicated volunteers who make this distribution a reality. Each day our volunteer drivers deliver a hot meal to each client on one of fifteen routes in Sussex County (the largest in the state). With client numbers being on the rise, recruitment of additional drivers is continuous. Click here to learn more about volunteering.

What We Do…

Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth provides nutritious meals and vital social contact each day. We provide friendship, empathy, and compassion, all while checking on the well-being of clients we serve.

We are an organization proud of our volunteer heritage, and of standing on our own two feet. However, we are always appreciative of any assistance offered to us by our caring community members and business associates. Without such help, MOWLR would not be in existence today.

Our Mission…

It is the mission of Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth to provide nutritionally-balanced, home-delivered meals to homebound elderly and disabled citizens in an effort to reduce the alternative of institutionalization.

A Big Misconception…

There is a misconception throughout the state that Eastern Sussex County is populated with only wealthy retirees, who remain forever youthful and healthy. Unfortunately, this is not so. Even a more than modest retirement account can be wiped out almost overnight when catastrophic and/or chronic illness comes to call. If you were to compare the cost of institutionalization with the cost of providing home delivered meals, you will surely see that the Meals on Wheels program is a cost effective alternative.

Meals on Wheels Lewes-Rehoboth functions as an on-going collaboration between our Staff, Board of Directors, and a team of 110 volunteers in order to achieve our mission of helping our wonderful clients.

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